From the beginning…

The laboratory was founded in 1996 from an original proposal, two years before, by prof. Annarosa Luzzatto (Biology) and prof. Fabio Carassiti (Materials Science). The project of a common Electron Microscopy facility was subscribed by other research groups form Natural Science, Phisycs, Electronic Engineering and financed from departmental and University funds (GrACo – Grandi Attrezzature in Coutenza). The LIME’s creators:

In the year 2001 LIME  has been restrucutrated even if the activities started in 1998: there was many problems with the roof thet contained dangerous asbestos cement, there was also many problems with the conditioning system, electrical system, plumbing…the restructuring lasted 6 month, but now the building is suitable for the precious instruments contained!

 Five Years of Activity 1998-2003

The fourth of December 2003 the LIME  has been celebrated for its first five years of life; all the people that have benefit from its facilities have had the occasion of showing their works. During the first five years of activity, the structure of the Laboratory was restructurated :

Ten years of activity 2003-2008

The 26th of March 2008 the LIME has celebrated its 10th birthday!