The mission of the LIME (Interdipartimental Laboratory of Electron Microscopy) is to provide high quality analysis to research investigators, students and external research facilities. The laboratory capabilities include high-resolution imaging of materials and biological structure, compositional analysis by the use of transmission and scanning electron microscopies and with the FEG/FIB Dualbem. Specimen preparation facilities for electron microscopy complete the equipment.
The LIME is a full service facility and most users, after a short period of training and an assessment test, could perform all aspects of the procedures from specimen processing to imaging. For most of the users, the LIME is an extension of their own research laboratory to enlarge their primary research expertise by providing specialized equipment to perform high quality analyses.

We encourage all users, but particularly new users, to contact us to discuss the objectives and requirements of the studies they intend to conduct before embarking on those studies. During the initial consultation the staff and investigator will discuss the investigator’s objectives, the respective responsibilities of the investigator and the LIME staff in accomplishing the work, the methods to be used, a time frame in which the results could be completed, and the potential cost of the studies.



Lettere di attestazione come “Centro di Ricerca di Interesse” da parte di aziende leader nel settore dell’ingegneria delle superfici che hanno fornito strumentazioni a costi di produzione:

 Philips (Olanda)

 FEI-Italia (Microscopia elettronica e a doppio fascio)

MTS Nano Instruments (Nanoindentazione)

CSM Instruments (Scratch testing)


Nodo per le tecnologie produttive della Rete Italiana delle Nanoscienze (ItalNanoNet) – 2007



31st International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites. (Fl, USA). 21-26 Gennaio 2007

Third prize of conference Best Paper Awards



International Thermal Spray Conference & Exhibition 2004

First prize of conference Best Paper Awards