The Coordination Committee of LIME lab. is composed by five professors working in four different Departments of The University “Roma TRE”.

The coordination of the lab has been assigned to prof. Edoardo Bemporad, who teaches Metallurgy and Materials Science II in the Department of  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.


The other responsibles for the lab are

prof. Paolo Ascenzi, (Biological Chemistry in the Department of Biology)

dott. Andrea Di Giulio, (Biology in the Department of Environmental Biology)

prof. Giovanni Sotgiu, (Chemistry in the Department of Electronic Engineering)

 prof. Florestano Evangelisti, ( Physics in the Department of Physics)

prof. Giancarlo Della Ventura, ( Mineralogy in the Department of Geologic Science)

prof. Fabio Carassiti(Materials Science in the Department of  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)


1.DiB – Department of biology

Prof. Paolo Ascenzi (Full professor)

Prof.ssa Sandra Moreno (Associate professor)


2.DiBA – Department of environmental biology

Dott. Andrea Di Giulio (Researcher)


3.DIMI – Department of  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Prof. Fabio Carassiti (Full professor)

Prof. Edoardo Bemporad (Full professor) 

Ing. Marco Sebastiani (Ph.D)

Ing. Daniele De Felicis (Lab Technician)


 4.EA – Department of Electronic Engineering

Prof. Giovanni Sotgiu (Associate professor)


5.FIS – Department of Physics

Prof. Florestano Evangelisti (Full professor)

Dott. Giovanni Capellini (Researcher)

Dott. Andrea Notargiacomo (Researcher)


 6.Geo – Department of Geologic Science

Prof. Giancarlo Della Ventura (Full professor)

Dott. Fabio Bellatreccia (Researcher)

Dott. Sergio Lo Mastro (Lab Technician)